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hazelden Each Day a New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women in Recovery. App version of the Hazelden book, filled with inspirational thoughts for each day. $4.99.

gratitude2 Grid Diary. Gratitude diary with customizable writing prompts to work on building pride, gratitude, and joy. Free.

meditation-timer I-Qi Meditation Timer. Has a nice variety of soothing chimes to choose from. Plus, just having it around as a separate app can be a great prompt to meditate. $1.99.

lose-it Lose It! Great app for tracking your weight, logging food and exercise, and connecting with others for social support. $2.99.

meditation Relax & Rest: Guided Meditations. Includes longer programs for whole-body relaxation to help with sleep. $1.99.

take-a-break Take a Break: Meditations for Stress Relief. Short meditations for reducing stress and grounding yourself during your day. Free. UCLA Health: Free Guided Meditations. Download English and Spanish meditations for sleep, relaxation, etc. Listen on your computer or download to iTunes.

white-noise White Noise. This app has a great selection of white noise options — great for relaxation or to help deepen your sleep. Free.